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No Woman No Try is an honest and confronting documentary, looking at the state of play of women’s rugby and the things women must overcome to play at the highest level.

Elite female rugby players often face their biggest challenges off the pitch. In this honest and confronting documentary, we look at the state of play of women’s rugby and the things women must overcome to play at the highest level.


No Woman No Try explores gender inequality through the lens of rugby and the women and men championing change across the sporting community. Hear from professional rugby players, women’s sport’s advocates and male allies as they share their own perspective and experiences of the game.

the film
The facts
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One of the fastest growing sports in the world. While women's participation is on the rise men's participation is in decline.

Rugby is a game for everybody. Born in the heart of south east England in 1823, it spread across the world to include ideals of diversity, community and inclusivity. There are now also 2.7 million female rugby players globally growing at a rate of 28% per year. Female players make up a quarter of the playing population, all while male participation figures are in decline.

Filmed through the 20/21 rugby season, No Woman No Try presents a portrait of the current status of gender, ethnicity and sexual equality issues through the lens of women’s rugby players and discussing progress with women’s sport pioneers and male allies. All of whom are championing change and inspiring a more diverse pool of role models for future generations.

Posing the question, “how do you defeat the opposition when they’re not on the field?” the film is inspired by the global #IAmEnough movement, created in 2020 by Director Victoria Rush. It explores gender disparity and how important female role models are to the next generation; if you can’t see it you can’t be it. All themes that transcend sport, finding relevance in many of today’s industries. This is not just a rugby story, but a human one.

The mission


If you can't see it, you can't be it.

While No Woman No Try is a film about women’s rugby, it is also about equality, perseverance and overcoming adversity. The symptoms of inequality are systematic, generational, and built into society from the day we are born. Progress comes in small steps and behind closed doors. It comes from those who stand up and say “wait a minute, this is wrong”, helping other people do the same.

No Woman No Try was created to stimulate the conversation needed to breakdown barriers in sport. To destroy the systematic bias and bring rugby and sport back to its open, diverse and inclusive roots. To remind us that equality isn’t one side attacking another, but by all sides coming together. For those in decisions making positions to make difference decisions than before. Because the more visibility we give to role models now the more our children will believe they can be whoever they want.

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